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Picky Consumer Surveys

Picky users are skincare enthusiasts with vast background knowledge on skincare, keen and enthusiastic about sharing their opinions with brandsOur members diversity guarantees a wide range of responses giving brands an overview of the expected markets. Plus, your brand will receive final report with the Picky Team’s expert global marketing insights.

Brand Interview & Survey Preparation

Survey Starts & User Testing

Data Checking & Detailed Report

Who are the Picky Members

Many deal with skin concerns or have skin goals

Eager to learn about tips, ingredients and general skincare information

Love to share their opinion and trust each other’s feedback

Well informed about skin care knowledge

Digitally savvy content creators




Country Distribution

Age Distribution


Success Case

Global skincare brand ‘Purito’ did a Picky Survey and users absolutely LOVED it! We announced only 50 people would get a reward, but over 2,000 users were eager to share their opinion with the brand regardless of the reward! Most giving insightful, detailed and quality responses to the brand.

 step 1.  Event Promotion

 step 2.  Survey Process

 step 3.  Results & Final Report

Get your Picky Survey ready if you are...

Targeted Survey

A brand who wants to ask consumers specific questions and receive detailed answers.

Marketing Survey

A brand who needs to receive detailed opinion from consumers before rebranding or new product release.

Rebranding Feedback

A brand who is curious about customer's reaction after rebranding (dramatically shortens time between sales)

Trend Research

A brand who find it difficult to get detailed answers from only subscribing to existing trend data.

Global Reach

A brand who has no direct contact with overseas consumers and find it difficult to learn their opinions.

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