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Fun & Engaging Content

 This or That? 
Product Comparison

Finding the right product can be a challenge, especially with so many options out there. That’s why we started the “This or That” posts to help sort through similar products and let our users decide which is a fit for them!

 Brand Check 
Introduction to Brand Story

These days, users don’t just want to know about a product, but the whole brand! That’s why we created the “Brand Check” to showcase top products and a breakdown by the Picky community through reviews.

 Must Try 
Brand Products Highlight

Sometimes people just want to know what’s the best from a brand. That’s why “Must Try” was made! To highlight the most reviewed, liked and talked about products from hot brands on Picky.

 TOP Products 
Themed Product Highlight

The people want to know, what’s the best for their concern or interest? We wanted to take a look at a multitude of products from different brands to highlight the best for that respective category and help users see what has been highly rated and reviewed!

Funny Side of Skincare

Everyone loves a good meme, especially if it’s relatable! Skincare memes are a fun way to engage with our users while poking a little fun at ourselves.

 Beauty Bites 
Interview with Brands

A behind-the-scenes look at what goes into a brand’s image, product creation, and more. A great way to interact with the community and share what makes your brand stand out!

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